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Limina is a continent in the world of P'ravia ; a flat world The various provinces are home to a plethora of different societies, inlcuding the Free Cities of the Zephyr Coast, among others.

Species Make-Up

The vast majority of Limina is Human, though Dwarves, Halflings, and Orcs are also fairly common. Humanity is supposedly native to Limina, though there are hints of an older society with more technology and magical power in the ruins and archaelogical records. Tieflings have more recently become more prevalent, especially near the second divergence. Elves make up less than 1% of the population, supposedly having migrated to this land, some time before the first divergence. They are exceedingly rare, and will generally only be found in tiny fortresses, positions of power in the Imperium ?? or deep in the untamed wilds of this continent (or in the network of hanging caverns that make up the P'ravian underworld). Dragonfolk only exist in rare, isolated communities, and are often alienated because of their strange appearance and relationship with the almost deific Dragons. Visit the individual pages to find more information about the locations and history of the species in Limina.

Deities & Mythology

Main article: Pantheon

While mythology tends to differ from area to area, most agree on the twofold nature of the godly Pantheon. The Morning Axon, the 4 primary Gods, have domain over Order, Chaos, Balance, and Power, as well as Earth, Sea, Nature, and Sky respectively. These fundamental units rule over the open Pantheon of the evening drove; a rough bunch of less powerful gods, who vary in domain from a single fishing town to luck and fate. The evening drove are often seen as vessels for the combinations of the primary powers of the Axon.


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